A Criminal Practice

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Fracking violates human rights, without question. From the legislative process to the practice of fracking, to the damage that is done, to the ruined air, water, and infrastructure that is left behind, to the many impacts on people’s health and livelihoods it should be considered a criminal practice. 

It’s no wonder that self determination and legislative rights must be taken away from communities when it comes to fracking. No one wants it near them. The frackers ride roughshod over any regulations, and a pollute first, answer questions later (maybe) principle applies. No amount of protesting or pushback seems to make any difference, and protracted, frivolous charges and lawsuits are used to silence dissenting voices. Fracking companies refuse to disclose chemicals, or related risks, spills, radioactive substances, and dump their toxic waste in waterways, on roads or even crops. In Pennsylvania the fracking companies even managed to stop health professionals from doing their job for their patients by gagging them with regards to speaking about the fracking chemicals and their impacts. Human rights violations seems an understatement for the effects of these practices. 

There is no problem for humanity that is solved by fracking, but there are many negative impacts and problems created by this practice. Fracking has not contributed to any sustainable economic growth, it has caused lasting, widespread damage to human health and the environment in the form of polluted water, decimated agricultural land, unlivable communities, illnesses, and forever changed the landscape, caused earthquakes. It’s nothing less than a criminal practice. 

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