A Pledge for Planet Earth

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I pledge allegiance to the interdependent life on Earth, to live simply and responsibly, to forego fossil fuels and to use renewable energy and hand/hoof labor as much as possible. To care and love as many of my fellow beings as possible.

To resist the urge to accumulate excess resources and totrust in the abundance of giving that flora demonstrate for us.

To maximize my physical participation in the affairs of my community and to minimize my isolation from these lifegiving opportunities.

I pledge to steward my neighborhood—its waters, soils, air and symbiotic beings.

I pledge to walk, bike, kayak, canoe and occasionally use electric transportation made from renewable sources.

I pledge to grow as much food as possible and to craft and trade/barter as many of my worldly goods as possible.

We are citizens of Planet Earth, brothers and sisters, not consumers or members of nations. Until the Earth is safe and thriving for all beings, none of us are safe or capable of being happy.

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