a universe within

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You are here.

Your body lives here in this world.

And every moment of every day, your body goes about the constant busyness of living.

It is a universe of cells, trillions of living beings coordinating with each other for the
unknown and unknowable higher purpose that is you. As if biology were a kind of

You move; you are moved.
You are at home; you are a home.

A cell lives here in this body.

Its work is its life, and its life is its work.

It is a galaxy of molecules, the swirling of billions of colors and shapes and sizes and
textures on a cosmic canvas. The pointillistic creation of tiny miracles.

Like you, it moves and is moved.
Like you, it is at home and it is a home.

A molecule lives here in this cell.

It is the maker of the bonds that bind and bend and break and bridge.

It is a constellation of atoms, weaving points of connection through the weft and warp of
time and space. Messages written in the stars that twinkle with the element of surprise.

It moves.
It makes a home.

An atom lives here in this molecule.

It is the pulling and pushing and spinning.

It is a solar system of particles, the revolutionary action of perpetual movement
manifested through fundamental forces. The gravity of revelation.

The moving of time,
and the making of space.

A particle lives here and not here in this atom.

It sets everything in motion; it is motion.

It is a mystery unto itself, and within that mystery dwell all the secrets of the universe.

Everything in its place;
everything exactly where it should be. 

Image Credits:
Image on Stories & Ideas home page: by Greg Rakozy. https://unsplash.com/@grakozy. Free to use under the Unsplash License.

  • Mallessa James

    Mallessa James is a writer and artist whose work playfully engages themes of science, nature, and social justice. Her poetry has appeared in several anthologies and online journals. She has received support from the Kenyon Institute, Collegeville Institute, Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute, and Foundation House.
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