Akilah R. Martin

Akilah R. Martin

Editorial Fellow (2024-2025)
Humans & Nature Press Digital

Dr. Akilah Martin is the daughter of Laurel and James Martin. She is first and foremost in partnership with soil and water. She earned her BS degree in Soil Science from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University and her Doctorate from Purdue University in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Dr. Martin previously held an associate professor and associate dean position at DePaul University’s School for New Learning, where she was an award-winning facilitator of learning who engaged in scholarly pursuits and mentored adult learners for over thirteen years.

Her professional interests include enhancing individuals’ and communities’ relationships to environmental and natural resources via the interrogation of the kaleidoscope of the term justice. Her teaching, learning, and scholarly/research interests are holistically centered in connecting people and communities to the multifaceted relationship between soil and water. How she journeys through, on, and with the Earth defines who she is and the interconnectedness of her existence. She strives to have a vibrant, kinetic, energetic, and symbiotic relationship with the Earth and its entities.

In 2021, Dr. Martin completed a yearlong detail with the Department of Defense on the Climate Action Team as a Community Resilience and Environmental Justice Analyst. Her permanent position is with the US Army Corps of Engineers as an Interdisciplinary Planner, enhancing collaborative relationships among individuals and communities to environmental and natural resources.

Dr. Martin is a resourceful, civically engaged citizen-scholar who is passionate about partnering with communities in seeking innovative and creative transformative strategies to reimagine our relationships to place and each other for social and ecological flourishing. To that end, she engages in a multitude of community projects including food sovereignty, food access, equity, and justice via AM Root Builders, Inc, Roots Watering Hole Podcast, Re-Rooting Kinship Project, Green Lands Blue Waters, Chicago Grows Food, Advocates for Urban Ag, and Friends of the Forest Preserves. Dr. Martin was awarded the 2023 BEYA Science Spectrum Trailblazer award.

Finally, but not all, Dr. Martin is abundantly living life through two core values: Freedom and Joy. To that end, she is a certified coach specializing in building vivacious and energetic relationships with oneself and others. As a certified professional coach, she leverages her passion for Earth by supporting and encouraging her clients to channel their internal power through a symbiotic relationship with nature and themselves.

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