Alana DeJoseph

Alana DeJoseph

Video Producer

Alana DeJoseph has been the video producer for the Center’s video series Questions for a Resilient Future, Call of the Forest, Conversations around the Green Fire, Geography of Hope, and Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for our Time (bonus videos).

Born in Munich, Germany, to a German mother and an American father, Alana has been involved in film and video production since she was 10 years old, lending her voice to many film and TV productions. After graduating from Washington and Lee University with two degrees in Theater and Business, and two years in Mali, West Africa with the Peace Corps, Alana decided that she preferred being behind the camera and specialized in producing, directing, videography and editing.

Since 1997 Alana has run her own video production company, DeJoseph Productions, which focuses on thoughtful, socially conscious projects. From multi-camera shoots to documentary productions around the world, DeJoseph Productions captures the important stories with high end production values and sensitive, thoughtful treatment of the subject matter. Her favorite client, though, is the Center for Humans and Nature, which gathers the voices that can truly change our world. Recording and then editing transformative talks, presentations, and interviews for “the Center” has in turn transformed all of DeJoseph Production’s projects, as well as Alana DeJoseph herself. And she is sure that these videos will continue to inspire the American public.

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