Alessandra Baltodano Estrada

Alessandra Baltodano Estrada

Documentary Photographer and Anthropologist

Alessandra Baltodano Estrada is a documentary photographer/filmmaker and anthropologist whose work explores the human-environment relationship. Her projects are inspired and informed by ecological anthropology, ecofeminism, and environmental humanities in general.

More specifically, she is attracted to stories concerning changing landscapes, emotional geographies, and the affective dimension of environmental impacts. She has experience in photography, documentary directing and cinematography, ethnographic research, writing, editing, teaching, consultancy, and project management. She has collaborated with organizations like UCI, CCAFS, Seprojoven, Ideas en Acción, Coaching for Hope, OIM, among others.

Her work has been exhibited in Costa Rica, Mexico, Estonia, Ukraine, Croatia, among others. She is one of the founders of Wimblu, a creative documentary studio that tells stories about the culture-nature relationship with the aim of engaging the viewer sensorially and empathically with our planet. She holds an MA in Anthropology and Documentary Film (Tallinn University), BA in Communication Studies (University of Costa Rica), BA in Photography (Veritas University), and she is currently enrolled at a Regenerative Entrepreneurship Certificate (University for International Cooperation).

Contributions to Humans & Nature:
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