Alice Gorman

Alice Gorman

Leader in the Field of Space Archaeology

Dr. Alice Gorman is an internationally recognised leader in the field of space archaeology and author of the award-winning book Dr Space Junk vs the Universe: Archaeology and the Future (MIT Press, 2019). Her research focuses on the archaeology and heritage of space exploration, including space junk, planetary landing sites, off-earth mining, and space habitats.

She is an Associate Professor at Flinders University in Adelaide and a heritage consultant with over 25 years’ experience working with Indigenous communities in Australia. In collaboration with NASA and Chapman University, she is part of a team conducting the first archaeological study of the International Space Station. Gorman is also a mentor in the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs Space4Women Network and a member of the Advisory Council of the Space Industry Association of Australia. She tweets as @drspacejunk and blogs at Space Age Archaeology.

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