Amazing Beings

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What it means to be human…..

To live for someone else, to strive for greatness yet give up everything in an instant for that person. To reproduce, and love an innocent creation. It is natural to feel accomplishment in life when you help another person. Life has meaning when you LOVE. compassion …

Understanding the human mind and body is to feel the connection between the earth/nature and human beings….how the earth and gravitational shifts changes us. The cause and effect, the changes that occur in our minds and bodies, with our emotions due to changes in mother nature…to gain a sense of wellness within oneself, self evaluation, the ability to be in control of your emotions. Knowing and understanding that the connection of one human being to another through physical touch is needed to survive when we enter this life as infants. without that connection, without that touch sending feelings of comfort that another life is there to guide, love, and protect you. Knowing what it is to BE human, and how powerful and amazing our minds and bodies are; how they adapt through environmental changes. WE are amazing beings.

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