Amelia Díaz Ettinger

Amelia Díaz Ettinger

Poet and Writer

Amelia Díaz Ettinger is a “Mexi-Rican,” born in México but raised in Puerto Rico. She is a BIPOC poet and writer and has two full-length poetry books published: Learning to Love a Western Sky by Airlie Press, and a bilingual poetry book, Speaking at a Time /Hablando a la Vez by Redbat Press. She has also published the chapbook Fossils in a Red Flag by Finishing Line Press. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in literary journals and anthologies. Amelia Díaz Ettinger has an MFA in creative writing from Eastern Oregon University. Presently, she and her partner reside in Summerville, Oregon with two dogs, two cats, and too many chickens.

Contributions to Humans and Nature Press:

Extinguished Voices
Poems by Amelia Díaz Ettinger.

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