Apart or Together?

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I think when we as humans see ourselves and our species separate from nature, we tend t view ourselves as higher up or superior to nature. As if we have the power over nature and we can control it. Or at least do what we want with it. That is where I think we still have the power to keep destroying it, but every now and then nature reminds us that it has the power, forces beyond what we as humans can deal with and mother nature hands us our behinds to remind us now and then. Now on the other hand, when we see ourselves as a part of nature it is a bit different. We feel connected and feel the beauty and the power that it has. We can feel the energy, ours and nature, working together. However, I think this is where we as humans tend to veer off the path with nature and try to overpower it. Take over it. We get carried away with the power, beauty, and riches of nature that we try to strip it of itself for our benefit. We find the beauty and strength in nature, then we feel the need to cut it down for our benefit. Or, at least our supposed benefit. We will rip through mother nature and dig through her to fill our pockets and our homes. We want to bask in the serene of nature and feel it all around us, connected. We feel the forces of nature and yet we still try to push our limits. There will always be an effect from each thing we wipe out, whether big or small. It is almost like a love-hate relationship between humans and nature. 

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