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Submission Guidelines for Contributing to the Center for Humans and Nature

The Center for Humans and Nature’s digital publications have merged into one digital publication stream—our “Stories & Ideas” section. Our goals for “Stories & Ideas” are to provide contributors with a compelling platform for their ideas; and to enable readers and visitors to curate their own experiences on our website.

“Stories & Ideas” are featured in a diversity of forms—essays, art, poetry, interviews, reviews, and videos—and continue to offer the deep thinking, high-quality, and freely accessible ideas central to our publication work.

Our next submission window will be in July 2022. Please check back then or sign up for our newsletter to receive detailed submission guidelines.

During our open submission windows, we invite you to submit essays, interviews, reviews, poems, and artwork to the Center for Humans and Nature. We are especially interested in submissions that reimagine our relationships and responsibilities to the whole community of life and that offer practices of connection.

Meet Our Contributors

Our contributors share ideas, art, and practices through the Center for Humans and Nature's publications.
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