Bruce Jennings

Bruce Jennings

Developmental Editor and Senior Fellow
Humans & Nature Press Books
Center for Humans & Nature

Bruce Jennings is Developmental Editor for Humans & Nature Press Books and Senior Fellow at the Center for Humans & Nature.

He can be reached at His 2016 book, which grew out of Center research, is Ecological Governance: Toward a New Social Contract with the Earth. With Ceara Donnelley, Jennings co-edited Frog Pond Philosophy, (2018) a collection of essays by the late Strachan Donnelley—founder and first president of the Center for Humans and Nature. With Christopher J. Orr and Kaitlin Kish, Jennings co-edited Liberty and the Ecological Crisis: Freedom on a Finite Planet (2019).

He holds faculty appointments at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in the Department of Health Policy and the Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society. He also serves as a Senior Advisor and Fellow at the Hastings Center, where he worked for 26 years, and served as Executive Director from 1991–99. He joined the staff of the Center for Humans & Nature in 2005 and from 2008-2021 he was editor-in-chief of the journal Minding Nature. Jennings was also editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of Bioethics, Bioethics, 4th Edition, (2014) and co-editor for ethics of the Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene (2016).

He has been active in the development of the field of public health ethics and taught one of the first courses on that subject in the United States at the Yale School of Public Health from 1995-2014. From 2003-2009 he served as member and Chair of the Ethics Advisory Committee at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). From 2017-2019 he was chair of the American Public Health Association task force charged with writing a new code of ethics for Public Health, which was officially adopted in 2019. In 2020 he received a Distinguished Career Award from the American Public Health Association for his work in public health ethics.

A political scientist by training (Yale University B.A. 1971 and Princeton University M.A. 1973), Mr. Jennings has written and edited twenty-nine books and has published numerous articles on bioethics and public policy issues.


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