Capitalism is only one of the causes of threatened conscience

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Capitalism used to distort conscience. In accordance with GDP levels variation the wealth was not well distributed in our elderly world and still has been confused regarding welfare, need, conservation, and people’s love, care, and responsibility. We human beings are the animate component of the Earth ecosystem. We, including extreme capitalists and wildlife species, could not have matured, never catch social homeostatis in line with ongoing evolutionary and ecological processes, or God-made creation process. Conscience is under pressure of silly and artificial categorisation and classification. Accordingly, let’s say, for instance a powerful class having money, social power, and guns plus infinite ammunition and technology has yet could not integrate their brain to what they learned and felt during education in elementary school extended toward play with friends in the town gardens, and psychiatry clinics or literature class in college, or watching Shakespeare, or Anton Chekhov when they become adults, but still immature in the framework of social psychological and philodophical facts and principles. In their minds they cannot integrate financial issues and high rank class motivation with conscience and altruism. However, bees know altruism. This conflict is universal and in my eyes reveals a weakness of spirit and character if human beings shaped through centuries including brutal periods in the past. Perhaps we may explore to cure this inconvience, but how? That’s the question! People are weak due not to merely capitalism, but restricted duration of our maximum lifespan determined by telomeres length per progressive division. Perhaps for this reason the people of capitalist Western world cannot develop emphaty for the East, Islamic, and African people whose skin pigments have been densely populated around high density sunlight regions in order to resist against UV light. Religion, racism, and capitalism all have cut maturating of people by using fear, propaganda, and ignorance. Perhaps societies’ apathy manifested in their collective unconsciousness has caused supression of development of each person in contemporary societies resembling in a way those trends preferentially lived in the Medieval Age. Yes, art could not have prevented inhibition of conscience. Moreover, a possible clearance of our primitive instinct behaviors and will too hard to developed conscience toward the poor, homeless, war-striken Muslims in Asia, Africa, and likewise the polar giant but so pretty white bear. That’s why we are still hopeless. However, a direct correlation between the lack of conscience and still existing but weaker capitalism cannot simply explain the situation.

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