Catherine Twomey

Catherine Twomey


If there are two things Catherine Twomey wants to evoke in her art, it’s a deep, emotional response to the natural world and a compulsion to try to protect a world increasingly in need of protection. Early on, Twomey experienced joy interacting with and examining nature. Her curiosity and innate ability to communicate visually led her to become a practicing medical illustrator, garnering many industry awards over the years as she illustrated for medicine, health, and education. Gradually, however, Twomey responded to an intrinsic calling to create her own, personal art in her own style. Encouraged by early successes, such as winning national competitions, (ArtInPlace, Higbee 6X6” Squared, Bank of the Arts) and being awarded one-person shows and exhibitions, Twomey moved into the realm of fine art. She continues to expand her successes via competitions, acquisitions into collections, press coverage, and international recognition.

Twomey is best known for her unique ability to experience, and then interpret, the extraordinary influence of the natural world. Twomey’s paintings reflect a deep sensitivity heightened by an urgent sense that the world is under siege. Twomey revels in using oil and acrylics in a liquid state, intermixing hues in a highly planned orchestration of paint layers. The finished works celebrate the unmatched detail and beauty of places Twomey initially painted en plein air. Her intimate, on-site absorption of a place and time is reimagined into complex abstractions designed to focus on the overwhelming need to protect the sacred places of nature. Twomey’s latest body of work, Universe Series, is a visual declaration of intent to prompt people to positively respond and engage in their natural world, politically, physically and emotionally.

Catherine’s work can be found in corporate collections, including those of Sanofi Winthrop, General Electric, Abbott Labs, Pfizer, Wine & Country, NBC, Mission Hospital and many others. Recent museum shows include the i.d.e.a. Museum in Arizona, and the Lloyd Museum in Cincinatti, Ohio. Her works are found in private collections internationally.

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