Cathy Fitzgerald

Cathy Fitzgerald


Cathy Fitzgerald, PhD is a New Zealand artist living in Ireland since 1995. Following a previous career in research science in New Zealand, he is best known for her long-term Hollywood Forest Story eco-social art practice in Ireland that was the basis of her PhD by Creative Practice ‘The Ecological Turn: Living Well with Forests to articulate eco-social art practices using a Guattari ecosophy and action research framework’ (2018).

The ongoing Hollywood Forest Story (begun in 2008) conveys her attempts to practice new-to-Ireland continuous cover forestry in the small woodland in which she lives in rural Ireland. Cathy communicates a new story of Ireland’s move to ecological forestry at and shares the behind-the-scenes workings of effective eco-social art practice. In 2019 Cathy was awarded a feasibility study grant to develop an online course on essential ecoliteracy for the arts. She is convinced that many more creative people wish to engage in the planetary emergency but adequate learning for bringing art and ecology together in creative practice is uncommon and unaffordable to many. Cathy is developing this course under the name of Haumea, the name of the Earth goddess of the Pacific at

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