Chief Tamale Bwoya

Chief Tamale Bwoya

Grand Chief - Buganda Kingdom

Chief Tamale Bwoya is the Grand Chief (Mugema) in the Buganda Kingdom (E.A). He supervises cultural activities, serves as spiritual arbitrator, and facilitates rehabilitation and purification ceremonies. He co-found several cultural and traditional medicine institutions at local and national levels and participated in formulating a legislative system that governs traditional medicine in Uganda.

He is a Board of Director and consultant on spiritual and chieftainancy matters with Prometra Uganda. In 2012, he received a divine message (The Revelation of Laikipia) addressed to the civil and spiritual chiefs across the globe to resume their sacred duty to care and guide life on earth.

He has attended several culture, interfaith, and spiritual gatherings across the world and occasionally speaks on our spiritual and moral obligations to mother earth. He is an essay contributor to the book of spiritual ecology and the sacred seed.

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Noteworthy Links:
  • Sacred Seed
    A book compiled by the Global Peace Initiative of Women with a contribution from Chief Tamale Bwoya.


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