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A crisis by its’ very nature is fluid. It allows for a break in the norm and an opening for a new paradigm. The crisis in American democracy and the horror of not only climate change but the imminent death of nature (as we know it) and humanity, are commanding a new ideation of life and an immediate imperative to compassionate action. We must and are required, each of us, right now, to move through the crisis “opening” to nourish and create a new vitality, a new Eden. We must dream a new future—not the grey horror we culturally project as a fait-accompli. We must envision a life of bounty, fecundity and joy. This is the shift, this is the only way. Let me explain….

  1. Social human change grows from the root (people) and the soil (nature). We cannot wait for corporations or governments to change. They will not. We are the leaders. We must act.
  2. Our collective ethics and ideation have created toxic poisoning, global warming, violation of life and ego oriented abstraction. We assume superiority over nature, live in ego and competition, consider war and domination as normal, think we have the power and right to control and create life, and are obsessed with abstraction and machinery as the way forward. This is the root of our fallacy and crisis.
  3. Life is divinity. That which makes life is energy from the divine source. Unseen, powerful, beautiful, majestic, and the frontier, life is love incarnate. To have a vital world, to dream a majestic future, to ensure a flourishing life, we must love. For love is the divine source, the energy of creation. We must move our ideology and desire from a mechanistic viewpoint to love with reverence.
  4. The concept, or excuse, of sustainability, is only the desire to “sustain” the same system. It is a continuation of the same attitude and historically decimating action. To perceive a new future we must change our habits and desires. We must perceive bounty and vitality as a divine right. This shift is vital and will bring with it new ideation and new kinds of action.
  5. Our job is to make heaven on earth, right now, each one of us. The door is open. I would suggest walking through it and having the courage to change the paradigm. It is up to you.

Charlotte Alling, author: A Vital World, Women Designing Eden.




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