Classical Music

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There is music—and then there is music.

The slap of a beaver tail, the screech of a hawk

The slow thunder of tree root pushing through soil.

There is the toothless mastication

Of children and the old, my heartbeat, the stars.

Yes, you can keep your rock and roll

Just leave me the flight of butterflies, dawn

Rolling its acorns of hope across the globe.

Leave me the proposals of wildflowers

The confessions of snow. Give me all

The harmonies. Take me to the mountaintops

Give me the breathing of stones.



  • Charles Finn

    Charles Finn is the editor of the literary and fine arts magazine High Desert Journal and author of Wild Delicate Seconds: 29 Wildlife Encounters (Oregon State University Press 2012). His poetry, fiction, and nonfiction has appeared in a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, and journals.

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