Climate chaos will fix all our problems!

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Our profound blindness about ourselves is that we are a domesticated animal, born in captivity, to people themselves born into captivity. This has created a society that is so far removed from Mother Nature that we think we are outside and above it. We thought we could rule over her with no consequences.
Being civilized is another way of saying we are out of touch, with our heart, our soul, our own bodies, with the Life around us, on us, in us, and the wonder of being Alive! There is so much more going on just below the surface if we but would pay attention to it.

We were born uncontaminated with beliefs, attitudes, ideologies, prejudices, or assumptions about other people or the world. We were taught many things, and sorting out what is true is difficult but we have to trust ourselves to figure it out. 
Here is a tool to help us, a gift from our Native American tribes, the concept of seven generations.
Is it good for children, all children of all species? We do not own this world although we act as if we do.
Our climate is changing and we face a challenge we are unprepared to deal with. Mother Nature will take care of the plastic trash in the ocean, microbes are already developing to eat it. So too the toxic chemicals we leave behind, the waste we make every day, the damage we have done to our life support system. The imbalance will be corrected. It may take time but in this race, Mother Nature is not in a hurry! Most likely, we will not be part of seeing it happen.
We just don’t have the political will to fix it. We need to nationalize the fossil fuel industry because they will not phase themselves out to save us or the planet. I don’t see that happening any time soon!
We would have to become a democratic socialist state overnight, with a bottom up structure with a strong reliance on science and research. I don’t see that happening any time soon!
No, most likely, we will just keep watching the train wreck and report on it in our social media accounts.

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