Compost Happens

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Nature teaches nothing is lost.

It’s transmuted.

Nature teaches nothing is lost.

It’s transmuted.


Spread between rows of beans,

last year’s rusty leaves tamp down weeds.

Coffee grounds and banana peels

foster rose blooms. Bread crumbs

scattered for birds become song.

Leftovers offered to chickens come back

as eggs, yolks sunrise orange.

Broccoli stems and bruised apples

fed to cows return as milk steaming in the pail,

as patties steaming in the pasture.


Surely our shame and sorrow

also return,

composted by years

into something generative as wisdom.

  • Laura Grace Weldon

    Laura Grace Weldon is the author of the poetry collections Blackbird (Grayson Books, 2019) and Tending (Aldrich Press, 2013), as well as a handbook of alternative education titled Free Range Learning (Hohm Press, 2010). Connect with her at or @earnestdrollery on Twitter.

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