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When the pot lid of night slides into place

When the frogs shout their one-word love, “Me! Me! Me!”

When the moon and the stars get down to business

Feigning serenity, and the nighthawks make good on their name

You and I will be in bed, tangled as we were meant to be

The improbable geese on the other side of the ceiling

Flying south against all odds. It’s not enough to love the world

You must dive in. When I was young, I used to go out at night

And howl at the moon, just for practice, just for kicks, and just in case

It came to that. Look around, the moonlight taught me

Everything conspires to love.




  • Charles Finn

    Charles Finn is the editor of the literary and fine arts magazine High Desert Journal and author of Wild Delicate Seconds: 29 Wildlife Encounters (Oregon State University Press 2012). His poetry, fiction, and nonfiction has appeared in a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, and journals.

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