Daniel M.T. Fessler

Daniel M.T. Fessler

Director – Center for Behavior, Evolution, & Culture at the University of California, Los Angeles

Daniel M.T. Fessler is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Director of the UCLA Center for Behavior, Evolution, and Culture.

Combining anthropological, psychological, and biological theories and methods, he approaches a variety of aspects of human behavior, experience, and health from an integrative perspective in which people are viewed as both the products of complex evolutionary processes and the possessors of acquired cultural idea systems and behavioral patterns. He lives in the Santa Monica Mountains with his beloved partner/muse and an assortment of rambunctious quadrupeds. Despite being an anthropologist, he nevertheless is surprised to find that, after nearly two decades in Louisiana, he is an Angeleno—but he is content to delude himself with the belief that he got his labradoodles and his Prius long before they were cool.

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