Do Present Ancestor Really Have Any Opportunity and Power to Protect Progenies

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Yes, we have to allocate some, but are we allowed? Do we have freedom to protect present natural systems, and resources to save the next generations beforehand? Today’s power prevents us to make better decisions, implementing rational policies for the future of all human beings. Such threats are being considered by the World Conservation Union, IUCN, IPBES, CBD, but could not described, publicized, or declared. We are not free to become a responsible ancestor, we have been suppressed particularly in the last centuries. When Marx explains something on former political systems challenged world people, this threat has been started at that time, though not felt by our ancestors. We had not so many data enough
revealing today’s situation at that time. First and easily perceviable concern is environment, and peace to new generations. We received rather good heritage, but we cannot remain a comparable degree of heritage to F1, F2, F3 generations and so forth. No, this is not due to our indifference, but the overload of our planet at present. Remember that in early centuries the size, energy, biomass of the world is the same whereas fortunately world population was so small compared to present time. So please do not feel guiltiness. Do we have some powerful remedy to leave sources to be used by new generations? To achieve this, firstly we should have a little big power required acting for today, but we have no power to influence present inconvenient policy implementations. I mean, ancestors of future generations have not enough capacity even though wish to provide health, and wealth for them. Escaping from such frustrating situations is not possible, our personalities cannot bear these kind of weaknesses, dilemma. An intermediate, transitionary solution would be divergence from this inferiority complex towards mystic interpretations, sentimentalism, limiting ourselves fix to nostalgic feelings, and spiritual interpretations when replying this question. Literature, mystery of wild landscape, children and domestic animals, i.e. the pets help us to hamper our psychological load. Nonetheless, we ancestors of future populations (both human beings, and wildlife) will still stay in a position its entropy would be quite bigger compared to present. We ancestors have been managed by some concrete forces, so have no chance to sustain lives of future ecosystems, wildlife populations, and human populations. Perhaps our responsibility may enforce us to consume less in order not to exploit sources of future generations. Notice that environmental economy respect their rights by defining the term, bequest value.

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