Earth may ask us something on behalf of universr and humsm carbon atoms, and humsn microbiota

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For thousands of years Earth has not recorded a list of needs to ask from people. We people however wonder about searching for this list prepared by Earth, an existence mainly composed by inanimate objects, but also to some extent animate objects like microbes inhabiting extreme ecosystems. Our pragmatic society sees microorganisms collectively as being earth as long as they are determined, classsified in academia, public institutions, and lectures, courses started from elementary schoool to high school. Nonetheless, when such microrganisms act togethet to heal humans health in their gut, human beings see them as a group of living organisms. Their purpose is to protect our digestive system. Here, perception of humans regarding useful microbes and their habitats as the former concept part of the Earth has started to change subjectively. Habitats of lions, elephants, birds, reptiles, fishes, trees, grasses, the famous and most popular components of Earth, forests, mountains, deserts remain the same, and located still outside of our bodies whereas small bacteria, for example bifido, Lactobacillud bulgaris habitats are lining the inside of human body. Now the Earth is us, we are also Earth just like the decaying process of organisms in a graveyard after we die. So in a way, what Earth asks of us means what we ask of us.

Does Earth ask us purposely, teleologically, or randomly, selectively to reach a meaningful result, or not. In other words, Earth might not behave pragmatically in contrast to us as being a sub-component of the universe, thus she might ask the universe of her pragmatic requirements. Keeping in mind that Earth is dependent on the universe, galaxies, the sun, distant stars, even black-holes instead of us, perhaps Earth asks us to protect not herself, and the universe, but us, the humans. According to religion the God asks us to keep humans in balance, without extreme, exaggarated behaviors. According to science and philosophy of science, evolutionary theory, positivism, Newtonian mechanics until the quantum physics era, Earth asks us to hamper the velocity of silly increase in entropy. Having being perceived a nonliving entity, Earth possibly asks us some unexpected request we cannot visualise, e.g. entropy explained now. I do not know whether Earth transmits, relays what the universe asks us. So difficult to understand, for the time being seemingly illogical askings can only be answered by quantum physicists, Heisenberg, Schoridenger, Michio Kaku, etc. In spite of just revealing inadequate estimation capacity of us, and life sciences, we can receive various tools coming from life sciences, for instance an interesting subject a larger part of human teeth, called the matrix is not living, but the intangible extension of teeth living core. Discriminating living and non-living parts of human teeth simultaneously with Earth’s living parts representef by e.g. mossses, lichens, and e.g. one of the non-living, the matrix part, water would be quite difficult. To explain this, we may try for example to define soil, living (us), or non-living (Earth)? Without soil biodiversity (soil beneficiary microorganisms, nematodes, nocardia also) one cannot see its existence, in reality, ecosystem function, because soil is an intact unit that can not be separated from a living part.

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