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I believe the Earth asks us to listen with our gut feeling when it’s telling us to act on its behalf, to sustain life on it and not to destroy it, since we are the dominant species on Earth, and not so much focus on ourselves and always try to acquire more, it is polluting the environment. To be kind and giving, have an attitude of gratitude, it’s essential to our survival that we take care of our planet, and we should listen to the qualified scientists that study the Earth, global warming, climate change, and also be careful what you put in the waters. We will perish if we neglect our Mother Earth, and neglect all the animals that inhabit this beautiful Earth along with us. So many animals are poisoned now by chemicals dumped in the water, and more and more species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate. I honestly believe if we don’t change our ways, then it will be the end of us and our species along with all the other animals, it will cause so much suffering world wide. There is so much starvation and hunger in the world, we must give more of ourselves each day to someone in need, the governments must act, 80% of the world is in poverty yet the 1% hoard their money, why? To remain in power over us? They should give more of themselves in order to save this planet, not make plans to remain at the top of their power over us.

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