Embracing the Incomplete

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To be human is to be incomplete.

If humans were complete, then what’s the point of our existence? Humans are born with a goal in life, we are not told that goal, and we are left to seek it. Some choose to pursue this journey. Some, well they chose to take life for granted. Some are just blinded by other things in life, like love.

Some think our goal in life is to find that other half to “complete us.” Some think it is to be smart and successful. Some well, they are just clueless and live life as it comes. Out of those 3 who do you think will live there life to its full potential? Honestly, it’s the third.

If you live for one purpose, what’s the point of living? All you’re doing is taking the same journey over and over again. Face it, no one is perfect, no one has a soul mate. Yes there are others that you can relate to on thousands of agendas, but there’s never “the one”, yes people fall in love all the time. Everyone does it, everybody denies it as well. No one likes to admit the fact that they have been heartbroken, but it’s just a way of life. Humans are drawn in by lust not love. The truth is that everyone judges everyone. There no denying it, it’s the manner of life. The statement that no one actually pays attention to the personality of their other half is quite sad. 

Humans are very intelligent beings. But not all of us choose to use or full brain capacity for two reasons. Afraid they will get ridiculed and because they are simply too lazy. Some people are outstandingly intellectual, but they don’t chose to live for a successful life, they choose to have a fun life, and live it how they want to. Some humans chose to change themselves and be a fake just to fit in, even if they feel terrible about themselves doing so. Honestly, these types of people are a waste of time. The only time you should spend on these people are to either snap them out of there sheep like behaviour or to tell them there wasting their life by living it as someone else.

Living as someone else, where’s the fun in that. There is none, and to the people who find it fun, to let their lives be lived by others, seriously has something wrong with them. True friends won’t ridicule you for how you look. Yes, if you look stupid there going to make fun but not make you feel unwanted. 

Humans have the power to make a difference in the world, and do something good for the earth. But humanity is filled with selfish, greedy and ungrateful people, who only do what they want when they want, just using their existence for their benefit. Not helping others with small, non-time wasting problems.

Humans also have the power to create life. Some abuse this power, some don’t. When a child is born, part of your life style is put into them. If you live in small house, low budget, no doubt you’ll carry on that life style. If you’re rich have a huge house, have all the funding you possibly need, you’re going to carry on that life style. But neither of them are a good life style for multiple reasons. If a person that was brought up with everything they possibly desired, and lost it all they wouldn’t know where to start to regain their fall.

One other thing that humans are capable of, but are unaware that there doing so is destruction. Each day humanity does it part to destroy the earth. This maybe by bombing countries, deforestation, and pollution etc. Amidst all this destruction happening, there are some that dedicate their lives to saving the earth. We take this graceful land for granted. We treat it like a child that treats an old toy.

So is humanity a blessing, or a burden? What’s the point of our existence? What is our journey in life? One simple answer, no one knows. The day that the humankind finds out the answers to these questions, is the day that the whole of the humankind will truly corrupt, and all will be lost.

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