Erin Williams

A person smiles gently while looking at the camera. She is wearing a black jacket, a backpack, and a purple beanie hat. She is standing outside on a beach. There is water in the distance, and on the horizon, there are hills. The sky is grey.

Erin Williams

Communications Director

In autumn 2022, Erin Williams (she/her) joined the Center as its new Communications Director. In this role, Erin amplifies the ideas of the Center’s contributing authors, artists, poets, and other thought leaders.

Erin brings several years of experience working in communications, outreach and engagement, social media management, producing, digital storytelling training, and dialogue facilitation. She has been involved in projects ranging in focus from documentary filmmaking to conservation and youth leadership to cross-cultural relations. Erin received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton College, where she studied world religions and media studies.

Like the Center, Erin is passionate about creating a resilient future for the whole community of life. She loves learning about nature and language, place and identity, forest ecosystems, and the ways in which humans and wildlife coexist. She also learns outside, surrounded by teachers that connect her to ways of being and maintaining balance that she finds incredibly instructive. Erin is continually buoyed by the knowledge that humans are one thread in a tremendous web that flourishes, as expressed in the Center’s values, when we collaborate with the Earth’s capacity to nurture life and sustain its generative processes.

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