Essence, vital future, a whole

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What happens when we see ourselves as separate from or as a part of nature?

Life, the universe, us, is a contiguous whole. Grace.

We are of this universe and therefore integral. Nature is a manifestation of the energetic essence of the universe. All is life. Source.

To consider otherwise is a fool’s errand.  The emperor’s clothes.

We and nature are a manifestation of the energy of life in form. There is no difference. To assume that we are superior, separate, able to control life, make life is the downfall of all, including us. This attitude of buffoonery reduces life to a biological system, making ourselves the purveyors of this universe, technologically as takers, rationalizing decimation.

Nature is dying, as are we. In a world slathered with toxins and a systemic violation of life, our only hope for a vital future is to discover nourishment and compassion for all as first.

Can we love nature, beauty and life as a harmony of being, which is sacred? Can we choose a vital future?

“It is to the unseen and vital force of life that we will look, to design a future. No longer assuming arrogance and superiority, separating ourselves from the infinite essence of this place, eviscerating life. The bottom line is life itself and the manifestation of love in form- nature, us, creation.” 

“For right now, the feminine instinct in women empowered is essential for a new vision for survival of humanity and nature, as we know it. It is that aspect of delicacy, compassion, reverence, divinity and grace that must re-balance human activity and create divinity, for a vital new world.”
Charlotte Alling,  A Vital World, Women Designing Eden, forthcoming book

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