For All Time

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That I laid a trail to what is good and true and lasting. That I spoke the truth and provided an example of how to live. That I lived as part of a community, contributing as well as receiving. That my heart was open to the new or different but balanced by a set of principals that promote discernment of what is good, true, and lasting. That I showed it is possible to live on a good path even when the outcome is not visible or full of peril. That my life inspired my relatives. That I was just me, with all my warts and mistakes, but a heart that continued to strive toward the ideals that governed my life and my community. That I found joy in the most simple things, and left heaps of encouragement in the lives of many many people, most importantly, my relatives, my daughter and son, my nieces and nephews, cousins, and all my relations. That all I left behind is deeply connected to the Earth, our Mother. That I left footprints in her sandy shores and mountain trails beckoning my relatives to enjoy her beauty and wealth but to protect her vital aspects for all to come in the future. That my life and example may lead them to notice the changes and to fight for her for the good of all and all time.

The kind of relative I wish to be is one who lived by the principles of harmony and honesty, humor, and honor—the four H’s—to live alive and awake for their sake. When my relatives look upon my life and times in which I lived, that they can see how I responded to the great moments each generation is gifted to shape the future for those coming behind us, and know that I thought about them.

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