Gabrielle Taylor

Headshot of contributor Gabrielle Taylor. She is sitting on a staircase that has decorative tiles. She is smiling at the camera, her hands are folded in front of her, and she is wearing a jean shirt and jean trousers.

Gabrielle Taylor


Dr. Gabrielle Taylor is a licensed Psychologist and Psychoanalyst in private practice in the Los Angeles area. She is Core Faculty at Wright Institute Los Angeles where she supervises and teaches. She spent twelve years, including eight years as Clinical Director, at Rose City Center—a nonprofit mental health clinic that trains predoctoral and postdoctoral graduate students in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Dr. Taylor achieved her Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Fuller School of Psychology in Pasadena and Master’s in Theology at Fuller. She has gone through yoga teacher training and values body-based psychotherapeutic work. She also sees the poets as the first psychoanalysts and recommends reading poetry on a daily basis.

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