Hank Lentfer

Hank Lentfer

Author and Recordist

Like a clam in mud, Hank Lentfer is happily embedded in his creek-side home in the rainforest of Southeast Alaska. Also like a clam in mud, Lentfer gets grumpy when pried away from the comforts of home.

Spring mornings he’ll likely be out recording the dawn chorus of songbirds. Spring afternoons he’ll be bent over a shovel turning his garden. Summer mornings he’ll be chasing more sounds. Summer afternoons he might be chasing a salmon or learning a new fiddle tune with his daughter. Fall mornings he might be recording migrating cranes or horny moose.  Fall afternoons he’s likely to be digging spuds or hunting deer. And during winter, when morning and afternoon get really close together and the animals aren’t making too much noise and the weather is lousy, he sometimes writes. 

Lentfer is also a woodworker specializing in coffins and urns for any of his neighbors who (sadly) have need for one. In his spare time, he works for the Nature Conservancy managing a nature preserve.

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