Herbert Gintis

Herbert Gintis

External Professor – Santa Fe Institute

Herbert Gintis is External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, NM. His recent books include Individuality and Entaglement: The Moral and Material Bases of Social Life (Princeton University 2016), Game Theory in Action (with Stephen Schechter) Princeton University Press, 2016; A Cooperative Species (with Samuel Bowles) Princeton University Press 2011; The Bounds of Reason (Princeton University Press 2009); Game Theory Evolving (Princeton University Press 2009); and Moral Sentiments and Material Interests (MIT Press 2005).

His recent work on market dynamics includes “The Stability of General Equilibrium with Decentralized Prices” (with Antoine Mandel) Journal of Mathematical Economics (2016), (with Antoine Mandel) “Stochastic Stability in the Scarf Economy,” Mathematical Social Sciences (2014), and “The Dynamics of General Equilibrium,” Economic Journal (2007).

His work on the unification of the behavioral sciences includes “Zoon Politikon: The Evolutionary Origins of Human Political Systems” (with Carel van Schaik and Christopher Boehm) Current Anthropology 2015; “Inclusive Fitness and the Sociobiology of the Genome,” Biology & Philosophy 2014, “Homo Socialis: An Analytical Core for Sociological Theory,” (with Dirk Helbing) Review of Behavioral Economics 2015, “The Biology of Cultural Evolution,” Quarterly Review of Biology 2013, and “The Evolutionary Roots of Property Rights,” in Kim Sterelny et al. (eds.) Cooperation and its Evolution (MIT Press 2013).

Professor Gintis is a top reviewer of scientific books at Amazon.com and was recently cited as a gold-star reviewer for Nature.

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