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It is very simple, to be human is to be God-like therefore we are deities apart of the Spirit of God. Being human is being kind towards one another on a continuous basis, being conscience of our existence and that we display a caring spirit and nature toward all living things that God created within this complicated world. It is imperative that we remind ourselves that being human and acting as caring human-beings that we reach out to teach all members of the human-family the five principles of action by way through God’s law … Love-Truth-Peace-Freedom, and Justice. These will keep all who believe in God in good standing with the creator God from the past for the never-ending days to come. 

We as people in a universal sense must begin to tech our children that being kind toward each other is a normal state of action, every day of our lives … but sometimes people who have a sub-human way of thinking will test us to the point of whereas we have to defend our selves to perhaps save our own life and/or members of our family, which is called survival of the fittest and it doesn’t stop from being kind to those who are kind to you. We as human-beings must teach family and other non-family members that remaining within the realm of humanistic nature is the most important aspect of our entire lives. This is what it takes to be human and remain human far into our existence.

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