In religious response what is it like to be human?

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I think to be human is to live a life with family and friends, and if not why are we even here. The times where you look out the window and see the birds, sky, and clouds. God loves the Earth, but God loves you more because you are created by him in the image of him. God sent us down for at least one reason, but you could have more than one reason—depends the person. God thinks anyone is perfect no matter what. 

Now back to the question…. What does it mean to be human?
I think that what it means to be human is that we all live a long life for our savior Jesus and our father God, and at some point of our life get a few tasks and paths we need to follow but, we never follow them so… what it means to be human is to live our life for God. I mean why else would we be human because all we have is one life, one wrong decision and we all die. 

We should always love god for who he is by creating us, the universe, ect.
Another explanation for us being human is that we are meant to praise God in our time, and when we have done God’s needs, we die. There are many reasons for us to be human, it’s just not everyone has found their reasons yet. Everyone has their own separate reason to be human and these are the reasons why we are human to this day .

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