Inconspicuous Expectations

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“The Unity Must have to start now because, I mean how long would we have to suffer. We have to learn these things, that we must be united” ~ (Johnny Was – Bob Marley)

The earth exists in its own beauty. A calm, awake and alive cycle.  We as humans are children of the earth. We have the wolves to run with as our brothers. Eagles to soar with as our sisters. Blue Birds to sing with, one sound, Roots to ground ourselves with  trunks and stems to grow with, leaves to be blown away with Night to to nestle with, Water to flow with, Sun to remain warm and shine with, Spirits that guide us. And an eternity to lose ourselves in. Yet it isn’t about us, It can’t be, How can something so large, mysterious be amounted to something so small? It is the magic we work, with our minds, Using our imagination to create, Creating a Dominance,  But where does our imagination come from? All that we can possibly conjure up in our minds. So much makes us human. So much makes us that exists out of our physical body that isn’t ours to abuse And in return for being granted this what do we become? What do we have to give? To show? Our concept of our own superiority blinds us from being able to find a middle ground, and draw a line between using and giving back.  In creating these concepts, we have harmed ourselves. Mentally, Physically, and emotionally. So it brings me to the question: If we are willing to harm ourselves and our environment, then what exactly do we care about? Money? Power? Luxury? Corporations? A bunch of things that truly don’t exist, We glorify and build our lives on them, Our systems, Our cultures, Our homes, Our interactions  Changing what we worship and glorify is the first step to returning something to the earth, Loving and living with each other, Displaying the simple act of gratitude, Being humble while acknowledging our inner power, Restoring the natural balance and, Simply learning to live in a unified awareness and contentment. But thats only part of the answer to a question that quite frankly I alone cannot answer.

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