Is a perfect democracy even possible?

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Across every civilization through the ages, there has never been a perfect government. Governments are flawed because humanity is flawed. There will always be corruption, greed, disorganization. Because there is no way to ensure a perfect government, there cannot be a way to ensure a perfect democracy. If we tell ourselves that we cannot make an impact on climate change until we fix our democracy, we will all be gone before we even start. Of course it is possible to make change inside a broken system. Every revolution, every movement, every ounce of progress has been made within a broken system because perfection cannot and has never existed. 

Yes, If we were truly able to vote on legislature, we would probably vote for actions against climate change. At this point though, it is impossible to do it this way. We must fight for what we believe in. Along with voting we must make our voices heard. Expose the government for its failings to hear the American people. The rest of the world has already agreed in Paris to work toward greener goals. We must stand up and revolutionize. Join the rest of the world. There is no perfect democracy and yet other countries were able to do it, countries worse off than the US. 

If our democracy fails us, like we have always done in the past, we must make them hear us. We need another Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Democracy will always fail but the people can rise above and fight. The climate crisis is bigger than democracy. It is global. It is everything. 

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