It’s about time we do something.

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Democracy is a form of government that provides citizens with the most freedom, the most opportunity, the greatest prosperity, and the most comfortable life. Democracy is meant to help the people in any way possible. Because of this I do believe that they can at least help deal with the climate crisis. I am not saying they will, just that they should; everyone should deal with the climate crisis. The government and the people need to take leadership in any way possible to help minimize this problem. The climate crisis will only get worse if we don’t start doing something; that start might need to be done by democracy or maybe by the people. I believe that we can and should be taking action, from the smallest solutions to the biggest. Climate change is causing animal extinction and our water issues. The climate crisis is a change of weather patterns and when that change is lasting for an extended period of time. Climate change is a global issue, and we are the cause of it. Being the humans on this Earth, we are in charge of doing anything to help this issue stop from spreading. Climate change is, in my opinion, the biggest issue we are facing today. Without our Earth being healthy, we will cause even more issues and possibly no more living life. Change needs to come from higher powers through democracy, but if they aren’t going to take action, then we need to. When will enough, be enough. 

It’s about time we do something. Take action before it is too late.

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