Jed Meunier

Jed Meunier


Jed Meunier is an ecologist and research scientist within the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in collaboration with the University of Minnesota. His work relates to the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources.

His dissertation research on fire ecology in northern Mexico investigated the spatial and temporal aspects of fire in relation to climate and land-use over several centuries. Jed received his M.S. from the Wildlife Ecology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying the effects of hunting on declining American woodcock populations.

Jed has not lacked sources for inspiration; his mentors and role models include his grandmother, Nina Leopold Bradley, and her siblings. Jed learned to hunt on the sandy soils surrounding the Wisconsin River and Leopold “Shack.” He currently serves on the board and is actively involved with The Aldo Leopold Foundation in Baraboo Wisconsin.

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