Jeffrey Schloss

Jeffrey Schloss

Distinguished Professor of Biology – Westmont College

Jeffrey Schloss conducted his doctoral work in ecology and evolutionary biology at Washington University, and is currently Distinguished Professor of Biology & T.B. Walker Chair of Natural & Behavioral Sciences at Westmont College and a Senior Scholar with the BioLogos Foundation.

Jeff is interested in evolutionary accounts of altruism, morality, and religion, and has pursued his interdisciplinary work as a Danforth Fellow, a Plumer Fellow St. Anne’s College Oxford, a Crosson Fellow in Philosophy of Religion at Notre Dame, and a Senior Fellow at the International Society of Introspective, Vegetarian Hot Air Balloonists. His collaborative volumes include Altruism and Altruistic Love, Evolution and Ethics, The Believing Primate, and Understanding Moral Sentiments: Darwinian Perspectives. Jeff is especially interested in fostering conversation between disciplines—and friendships across worldviews—in both academic and public spheres. Toward this end, as an avid surfer, he has hosted (and nearly drowned) valued colleagues from across the world in regional point breaks.

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