Jenny Gray

Jenny Gray

Chief Executive Officer - Zoos Victoria

Jenny Gray is the Chief Executive Officer to Zoos Victoria. She has a background in Transportation, Engineering, and Ethics, a combination which provides a unique set of skills to tackle the challenges of transforming the three zoos that comprise Zoos Victoria.

Jenny’s career history boasts a strong mix of commercial and public sector roles. Her work within the transport sector delivers an in-depth understanding of infrastructure maintenance and development management, whilst her work in the financial sector delivers strong fiscal management skills. This combination of strengths has proved to be invaluable in zoo management.

Jenny has Masters Degrees in Ethics, Engineering, and Business Administration. In 2015 Jenny was awarded a PhD in Ethics from Melbourne University.

Over the last eight years, Zoos Victoria has been transforming into a Zoo Based Conservation Organisation. Zoos Victoria has developed a model for the unique way that zoos are able to contribute to conservation in and through their zoo operations, by holding and breeding endangered animals, supporting field projects, and most importantly engaging visitors in measurable and meaningful conservation actions.

Contributions to Humans & Nature:

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    A video of Jenny Gray speaking at TEDxMelbourne about the role her zoos have taken for the conservation of sixteen endangered species.
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