John Dryzek

John Dryzek

Professor & Australian Research Council Federation Fellow - Australian National University

John Dryzek is Professor of Political Science and Australian Research Council Federation Fellow at the Australian National University. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, former Head of the Departments of Political Science at the Universities of Oregon and Melbourne and the Social and Political Theory program at ANU, and former editor of the Australian Journal of Political Science.

Working in both political theory and empirical social science, he is best known for his contributions in the areas of democratic theory and practice and environmental politics. One of the instigators of the “deliberative turn” in democratic theory, he has published five books in this area with Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Polity Press. His work in environmental politics ranges from green political philosophy to studies of environmental discourses and movements, and he has published three books in this area with Oxford University Press and Basil Blackwell. He is also co-editor of the 2011 Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society and co-author of the forthcoming Oxford book Climate-Challenged Society.

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