John Hausdoerffer

John Hausdoerffer


John Hausdoerffer is Professor of Environment, Sustainability, and Philosophy at Western State Colorado University, where he also serves as Executive Director of the Center for Environment & Sustainability and as the Director of the Master in Environmental Management program.

His research seeks philosophical intersections between environmental ethics and environmental justice. John’s first book, Catlin’s Lament: Indians, Manifest Destiny, and the Ethics of Nature, analyzed George Catlin’s attempt to merge early environmental perspectives with native justice movements during the era of Indian Removal. More recently, John has focused in commonalities between Aldo Leopold’s land ethic and contemporary environmental justice theories. John’s goal as scholar, teacher, and citizen is to merge wilderness, environmental justice, and working landscape movements around the common framework of self-willed communities. He is the author of Catlin’s Lament: Indians, Manifest Destiny, and the Ethics of Nature and the Co-Editor, with the Center’s Gavin Van Horn, of Wildness: Relations of People and Place. In 2014 John also served as Editor for Aaron Abeyta’s new book of poetry, Letters from the Headwaters. John lives in Gunnison, Colorado.

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