Joshua Merrill

Joshua Merrill


Josh is an award-winning fine art nature photographer based out of Chicago, Illinois. He creates compelling photographs of the natural world through a unique vision, eye for composition, and skilled use of color. This unique vision and his rare determination are very much a result of his childlike curiosity when it comes to interacting with the natural world. 

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Josh took many walks and bike rides at local parks, spending hours tramping around the ponds; fishing for bluegills, catching dragonflies and bumblebees, and examining the seasonal plants. This is where his curiosity and love for nature was born.

Josh especially enjoys photographing in extreme conditions, when many other photographers choose to stay at home. He is at his happiest when winter conditions are at their coldest, and can be found trudging through mosquito-infested swamps before dawn, in search of an illusive summer dragonfly.

Contributions to Humans & Nature:
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