Kailea Frederick

Kailea Frederick

Facilitator – Earth Is `Ohana & Editor – Loam

Kailea Frederick is a mother of Tahltan, Kaska, and Black ancestry whose work sits at the intersections of climate justice, spiritual ecology, and resilience thinking. She is dedicated to supporting individuals of all cultures in remembering their ties to the earth. Growing up off the grid in Maui, Hawai`i forever imprinted in her the importance of reciprocity through indigenous worldview. She feels raised by quiet spaces and intimately tied to Honua, our island earth. 

She is a Spiritual Ecology Fellow, a Boards & Commissions Leadership Fellow, and has served as a youth delegate twice to the United Nations Climate Change conferences (COP). Her work on the front lines of international climate justice has forever connected her to the lives of those most impacted by climate change and extractive based industry. Currently, Kailea is an editor for Loam and a Climate Commissioner for the city of Petaluma. You can contact her at earthisohana.com.

 Contributions to HumansandNature.org:

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