Kasey Butcher Santana

Kasey Butcher Santana

Writer and Farmer

Kasey Butcher Santana is co-owner/operator of Sol Homestead, LLC, a backyard alpaca farm where she and her husband, Julio, also raise chickens, bees, a pumpkin patch, and their daughter. When not beekeeping or gardening, she loves to read mystery novels and hike. Kasey earned a Ph.D. in American literature from Miami University and has worked as an English teacher and a jail librarian. She also has a long-running film review column for The Waynedale News. She chronicles life at the homestead on Instagram @solhomestead, or you can visit her online at kaseybutchersantana.wordpress.com.

Contributions to HumansandNature.org:

Cosmic Bees: Building Comb Among the Stars

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