Keefe Keeley

Keefe Keeley

Co-Executive Director – Savanna Institute

Keefe Keeley comes from the Kickapoo Valley of Wisconsin. He is co-executive director of the Savanna Institute where his work supports farmers leading us into a livable future for all.

He studied biology at Swarthmore College and then traveled on a Watson fellowship to live with farmers in the UK, Zambia, New Zealand, India, and Japan and study the spiritual elements of their land ethics. He returned to Wisconsin and worked at Driftless Organics, the state’s Department of Agriculture, the Farley Center Farm Incubator, and volunteered as President of Community Conservation, Inc.

His research at the University of Wisconsin focused on engaging farmers with their forests. He is co-editor, with Curt Meine, of The Driftless Reader. He enjoys canoeing, bicycling, backyard berries, and planting trees on his family’s farm.

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