Keith Kozloff

Keith Kozloff

Activist & Photographer

My interest in photography began during my adolescence when I developed a deep connection with the natural world. Photography and nature both offered temporary escapes from a sometimes turbulent home life. That connection emerged from my interaction with a small remaining area of native prairie nestled in my suburban neighborhood, sandwiched between a bustling street and a commuter rail line. Slipping out of the house as the sun was just rising, I found myself in a magical sanctuary just a few blocks away. I crouched low, surrounded by milkweed, bluestem, and goldenrod. I watched swallows diving and heard the melodic songs of red-winged blackbirds amidst the rush and clatter of morning commuter trains. I turned my nearsighted gaze to the shimmering web of a golden orb spider. The act of photographing, at its best, immerses me in a sensory state of consciousness and serves as a vehicle for self-discovery.

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