Kindom Canticle

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Unclap your millennial gates

& unhinge the heavenly armor

ye knights & bishops

The checkmate age of the sky

gods gone. No more lords

Melt old swords

Enough of kings & courts &

benedicites before the killing sieges

Forget our specie’s royal fist

The orchard opens up its stores

Each tree a throne

Each peach a prince

Each kami Kali spiderqueen

freely spinning silk

from out her own divine innards

Not caught in the web

but dancing the wind’s harp

This rural canticle sung

yes, to raise praise on high

Holy! Holy! Holy!

But also to dig deep below

To be embedded

in the thick mud of the mystery

enough of



let there be kindoms!

The fungal kindom. The floral

kindom. The faunal


where we hum the body’s every bone

in honor of the making &

the yet unmade

All of us kin. Co-creators

In conversation, McRedeye sez

with what shines

And with those divine

goddess rhizomes

rooted in the deeper dark

where life springs

full-blown from

the spark of matter

Reprinted from Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations, Vol. 1: Planet.

  • Art Goodtimes

    Art Goodtimes, poet, op-ed columnist, and former Green Party elected official in Colorado, served as San Miguel County Commissioner (1996–2016) and Western Slope Poet Laureate (2011–2013).

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