Kristiina Vogt

Kristiina Vogt

Professor - University of Washington & Founder - Forest Systems and Bioenergy program

Kristiina Vogt, born in Turku, Finland, is a professor of ecosystem management and founder (and co-coordinator) of the Forest Systems and Bioenergy program at the University of Washington. She obtained the Professor rank at Yale where she was appointed the Margaret K. Musser Professor of Forest Ecology. In 2000, she joined the College of Forest Resources at the University of Washington as a Dean and Professor and continues in her capacity as a Professor. Her research focus can be summarized as: interdisciplinary research in organizing problem solving, developing interdisciplinary educational consortium and developing tools to solve complex interdisciplinary problems around the world in conservation, bioenergy, and forestry.

She has conducted research in Iceland, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Belize, Indonesia and in Alaska and Puerto Rico as well as within the continental US. Professor Vogt has authored or co-authored eight books and published over 150 refereed articles. Some of the book titles include Sustainability Unpacked. Food, Energy and Water for Resilient Environments and Societies (Earthscan); Forests and Society. Sustainability and Life Cycles of Forests in Human Landscapes (CABI); Ecosystems: Balancing Science with Management (Springer-Verlag) and Forest Certification: Roots, Issues, Challenges and Benefits (CRC Press). Her most recent book, published in 2013, is entitled The River of Life: Sustainable Practices of Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples. This book was awarded the “Output Outstanding Book Award for 2013” or “The Thirteenth Output Version Outstanding Book Award” in China. Professor Vogt has published on a range of topics varying from global forest carbon budgets; belowground ecology in an ecosystem context; the role of species in conservation; nutrient cycling; invasive species; restoration ecology; ecosystem-based assessments including human values and non-human constraints; and bioenergy by linking biomass to produce transportation fuels and electricity in the western US and in Indonesia. She has a BA in Biology from the University of Texas and obtained her MS and PhD in Biology from New Mexico State University. She received an Honorary Master of Art degree from Yale University.

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