Lauren Hage

Lauren Hage

Executive Director – Weaving Earth

Lauren Hage (she/her) is Executive Director and co-founder of the Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education, an educational nonprofit that encourages the study and practice of “Earth Intimacy”, “Co-Liberation”, “Embodiment”, and “Prayerful Action” as key approaches for addressing the social and ecological crises of our times. She is also a certified facilitator of the somatics-based body of work called The Resilience Toolkit. Grounded in theory and a social justice context, The Resilience Toolkit promotes embodied self-awareness, nervous system and emotional regulation, and interpersonal connection. She comes from Ashkenazi Jewish (Odessa), Sicilian, and Scottish ancestry. As an educator, consultant, ecological designer, and creative, Lauren is dedicated to supporting people to pursue their passions and shape their actions from a foundation rooted in interrelationship. Her work and play are an expression of her prayer for eco-social co-liberation.

Lauren has been working with youth, teens and adults outdoors for twenty years. She holds a degree in Earth Sciences and Geography, with a focus on the human-earth relationship and holds certifications in Ecological Agriculture, Regenerative Design & Nature Awareness, Advanced Permaculture Design, Embodied Social Justice, and Integrated Trauma Therapy. She is also a part of the Fierce Allies practice community.

Contributions to Humans and Nature Press:

• It’s Time to Practice “No-away”
A response to “How do we come together in a changing world?”

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Photo credit: The Republic of Light

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